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Patricia Espinoza

Patricia Espinoza

Better Website Better Business

What if you harness the power of your own knowledge and expertise to make your website work for you on auto pilot?

Hello and welcome to “Better Website Better Business”. A Miami web design company helping local businesses succeed using online marketing strategies.

Ineffective websites can bring much frustration and disappointment for your local small business. They do not generate any leads or the revenue your business needs to grow and prosper.

We generate leads blending a strategic website with local online marketing strategies.

It all begins with professional website designed to get results. We create well thought out content and follow leading web design practices to gather well-qualified leads.

miami web design company

We Are a Miami Web Design Agency

Our Miami website design company uses the latest technologies and tools. We ensure the website for your local business is:

  • Eye-catching (website’s professional & inviting)
  • Responsive website (it works well in desktop & mobile)
  • Secure (it’s protected against hackers)
  • Search engine friendly (It’s visible to google)
  • Optimized for conversions (it turns traffic into qualified leads)

We can set you up with any of the web services so your local business gets the leads and sales it needs to grow.

  • E-commerce solutions
  • Web copywriting
  • Search engine optimization, (SEO)
  • Website hosting, care & maintenance

We’ve been developing websites since 2003. We have great experience with website design.

We know running a business is not for the faint of heart.

We know your local business deserves to have a pipeline filled with well-qualified leads and succeed at what it does.

Leveraging the Power of WordPress to Create a Website that Works for Your Local Business

WordPress is a versatile platform for building productive and high-powered websites. Creating a brand new website or redesigning an existing one, WordPress is the tool of choice. It’s user-friendly, cost-effective, and it meets almost all digital marketing plans.

It’s easy to manage your local business content marketing using this tool. You can launch quick campaigns at any time to help your business.

  • You can publish thoughtful pieces that your ideal client will find useful at any time.
  • You can test content versions to see which resonates better with your prospects.
  • You can produce, modify or change lead generators as you see fit
  • You can promote your local business, get qualified leads and/or sell your offers 24/7
  • You can expand or customize as necessary

In short, WordPress allows your local business to stay at the forefront of the marketplace. That’s why it’s the world’s #1 Content Management System (CMS). Successful businesses prefer it above all others to generate and keep profitable websites.

Why Hire “Better Website Better Business” a Web Design Company In Miami, Florida?

Increased Visibility for Your Local Businesses

If you’ve been in business long enough, you may know that “a great website” doesn’t always have great visibility.  That’s why having the right website for your local business is essential for these reasons:

  • A good website increases your visibility. Think incoming traffic 24/7/365.
  • An effective website showcases your business offers in a compelling way.
  • A helpful website offers tips or insights about your products or services.
  • It allows your local business to reach prospects you may not reach otherwise.
  • It prompts visitors to take action, turning them into qualified leads right then and there.

It’s easy to make edits at any time, publish a one-time new entry, or even adhere to a consistent schedule to do so. You decide what’s best for you and your business to create a strong online presence.

The right website allows potential customers to discover valuable information about your business. Customers today are informed consumers. They will decide to do business with you only after researching you online.

81% of retail shoppers research online before buying.

Study by GE Capital Retail Bank

That may be a conservative figure. Still, wouldn’t you like to have a say before your prospect makes their decision?

Similar, or even a higher statistic applies to consumers buying local services. Think about your own shopping. When was the last time you hired an expert, without first knowing at least something about them?

If you’re like any of us consumers, you check out a chiropractor, plumber or electrician first. There’s no way you wouldn’t do that. Right?

Same with the products you buy. Reading reviews is your ideal client new go-to before buying.

Prospects decide they “know, like and trust you” (well) before buying. A professional website optimized for user-experience and conversions is the smartest way to get you there.

Improved User Experience

It’s hard to think of a visitor who doesn’t like a beautiful, easy to navigate, fun to consume website. Reading punchy paragraphs with sharp fonts, viewing beautiful images, or watching engaging videos. And of course, finding exactly what they’re looking for, the moment they want it.

This is what we call the optimal “user experience” or UX in geek talk.

Investing in a positive user experience is essential for long-term success. An optimal UX should always be a top priority. It’s the foundation for any good business website.

We’re all about creating an enjoyable and gratifying interaction with your business website. When visitors are happy, they’re less likely to delay taking action or come back when they’re ready to buy.

A positive, pleasant interaction is like planting a seed. A casual visit to your website might well be the first time your visitor learns about your business. With the good seed planted, you’d be well on your way to earn and grow your prospect’s favor.

With top user experience in place, your website can deliver a crazy good first impression. You know, the kind that lasts in people’s minds and makes your bank account happy, too.

Increased Website Performance

Having a website with increased performance is essential, too.

It places your website in Google’s good graces. It improves inbound traffic and customer experience. It allows your website to be a better lead-generation machine for your local business.

We adjust lots of behind the scenes configurations to get a performance that excels:

  1. Optimizing code
  2. Minimizing HTTP requests
  3. Caching assets and content
  4. Minifying resources
  5. Compressing files and images

Still, none of these settings make much of an impact if the web server is substandard. Or it’s crowded with thousands of websites competing for those resources at a given time.

Leading web hosting uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to boost performance. A CDN distributes your website data across servers around the world to serve it faster. Needless to say, this translates into a significant performance increase.

So it’s more than a good idea to shoot for a great performing website. The best possible, because if it earns you Google’s favor, you’re a lot closer to earn your prospect’s favor, too. And that’s the only thing that counts to grow your business.

SEO, Web and Mobile Ready

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of improving a website’s visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Effective SEO practices optimize the content and the technical elements of a website, such as:

  • The keywords
  • Meta tags
  • HTML structure
  • Site speed
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Images
  • Inbound links
  • Inner links
  • And other factors

Having a responsive website —web and mobile ready— is crucial. This means a website that is accessible and navigable across desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

A web and mobile ready website ensures that users have a seamless experience no matter what device they are using. It also helps improve a website’s search engine ranking since Google’s algorithm now prioritizes mobile-friendliness.

Ultimately, a strong SEO and web mobile presence can lead to increased visibility, traffic, and revenue for your local business.

Benefits of Investing in Professional Web Design Services

Expert Website Design and Development

Expert assistance with website design and development is key for any business in today’s digital world. With the right strategy, you can create an effective business website that will capture the attention of potential customers.

A skilled web developer, or better, a website strategist, can develop a website that propels your business to success.

The strategy for an effective website is manyfold. From search engine optimization (SEO) principles, to a user-friendly experience, to the most important: well thought out content. These work in tandem to create a website that inspires trust and compels users to take action.

All important reasons to let a professional Miami web design company create and/or manage your online presence.

High-Quality Web Hosting Services that Guarantee Uptime and Speed

Expert web development does not overlook the importance of reliable web hosting. Good web hosting services guarantee uptime and speed.

This means that your users can access any page quickly. And that your website will always be available, even during peak traffic hours. Imagine driving along I-95 at fivish in the evening with no hold ups. No stop and go. Just pure uninterrupted cruising. Yes! Good web hosting makes that happen!

High-quality hosting services provide server resources to ensure that your websites are delivered with maximum speed and reliability. Using a CDN (see above) helps here too.

With these services, you can trust that your website will cruise along the cyber I-95s smoothly all the time.

Reliable Web Hosting that Cares for your Website

Your WordPress website is not a set it and forget kind of thing. It requires ongoing care and maintenance, much like a store in a mall. You may need to decorate it by themes or seasons, dress its windows, and clean the dressing rooms and restrooms from time to time. We hope.

Since software, as with any technology, is constantly evolving, WordPress and the components that support it, evolve too. Sometimes at Fast & Furious kind of speed.

Beyond fancy decorating, smart window-dressing and the oh so indispensable cleaning, a nurturing care and maintenance plan does your website a lot of good:

  • It lets your users know your business is active and engaged
  • It keeps your site current with the latest updates
  • It keeps your site safe and secured against malicious hackers

A well-kept website does wonders for your business web presence, and overall image. Perceptions are thoroughly important in internet marketing, or in any kind of good marketing.

And needless to say, you might not want to deal with (hard earned) traffic to your website being suddenly redirected to gambling sites. Or heaven forbid, porn sites that never shut down. Or other even more dreadful breaches.

What Makes the Right Miami Web Design Company?

A quick google search will reveal hundreds of web design agencies in Miami, web design and development companies, or web designer professionals.

Anyone can make a website these days. The choices are endless. From free options for brochure websites to ones demanding thousands of dollars for custom web design or ecommerce websites.

But, are all these web design teams building what your business really needs?

Yes, of course some of them are. There’s a reason why some are leading web design agencies with full-service, full-prices marketing services.  But what about those who aren’t? How much is having a website with no strategy really costing your business?

Think about the revenue you’re not earning when your website lacks the strategic content it needs to engage your visitors and convert them to leads.

At Better Website Better Business, we have more than 20 years of experience in website design and online marketing.  Our website strategies work every step of the way to boost your website’s conversion rates. We can help you reach your business goals.

We’re web design experts. We’re a Miami web design company doing professional business websites since 2003. We can make your local business get the qualified leads it needs to grow.

Get in touch with our web design company in Miami today. Schedule a free discovery call to learn how we could help your business get the leads it needs and deserves.

Patricia Espinoza

Patricia Espinoza

I turn websites of local businesses into trustworthy lead generators because all small businesses deserve to have a pipeline filled with well-qualified leads and succeed at what they do.


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