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Hi, we’re Patricia & Roberto, both total geeks. We’ve been working with computers since the 90s. We’re passionate about helping local small businesses succeed in today’s hi-tech world.

Roberto’s a whiz at cyber-securing your IT systems and making them run without a glitch. I specialize in creating websites that attract local leads to your doorstep.

We know that it takes guts to run your business. We know you are a purpose-driven, hard-working entrepreneur committed to serving your community. That’s a big deal! And we care about that a great deal and want to help your business thrive and grow.

Meet Roberto

IT is my life. I started young, back on 1986, and I never left. I’ve consulted for business of all sizes in the private and public sectors, including the State of Florida.

I have degrees in Computer Science from Miami Dade College and Florida International University. I have a Bachelor in Mathematical Science, and a Master in Computer Science from FIU as well.

With cyber security threats rising, I decided to train with the University of Miami/Hacker U. One of the world’s top cybersecurity programs. 


 Having my then 14-year-old son as my classmate made our experience all the more special. He was the youngest person to have ever been admitted to this excellent cyber security program. I can’t begin to tell you how proud of him I am!

I now blend my cybersecurity skills with all the IT work I do for my clients.  Effective, secure IT systems of your business is my business.


Meet Patricia

I'm a lifelong learner

An FIU professor called me “a professional student” once.  He wasn’t being facetious.

I have 3 bachelors: in business administration, computer science, and mathematical science. I have a minor in geology. And I have a master’s in international management.

I started my master’s in computer science while developing websites full-time, but then I got pregnant. Though I didn’t complete it, I’ve never stopped learning.

I love to spread good vibes

I took it upon myself to share inspiring messages to empower Spanish-speaking folks wanting to improve their relationships, businesses, and their lives.

This initiative turned into a thriving community of nearly 100k followers. Thousands have voiced the positive impact this has made on them. Still, the most amazing email came from a young Cuban who no longer wanted to end his life. What a powerful testimony! It fills my heart with joy & gratitude.

I care about helping your business succeed

Delivering websites that make a significant impact for small business owners is what we’ve been doing since 2003.

I know how to increase your visibility, get discovered by your ideal clients, and gain their trust.

I invite you to pick my brain for the next half hour. Let’s talk about how I can help your local business get better online marketing.

Mystery Person

Thank you for a great job. I’m already making money from my new website.

Maria Espinosa
Westside Iron

You guys have great website optimization & SEO skills.

Marlon Bailey
Precision Personal Training

Loved the job you did. Smart thinkers about ways to increase your website.

Pam Mayers

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Whether you feel we're a good fit or not, you'll get actionable insights to improve your website's lead generation performance.